Mini Ductor Venom Mini Ductor II + Offer Mini-Ductor 110V CE Multi Award Winning Glass Blaster Safe Removal of Stubborn Nuts and Bolts Damage Free Removal of Glass, Trim and Vinyls Mini Ductor 12V Finance Available

Fast, safe removal of Glass, Exterior trim, Vinyl Graphics and stubborn nuts and Bolts

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Fast, safe and damage free removal of stubborn nuts and bolts, exterior trim, bonding, vinyl graphics, glass and more

Make an investment to improve productivity, increase your profits and be even safer at work with the Inductor® inductive heating product range 

Innovative automotive repair and garage tools designed to make your life easier

The market leading Mini-Ductor® range, including the new Venom™ hand held tool and powerful Pro-Max, are must have tools for any automotive workshop. The induction heating tools solve many of the tricky, time consuming and risky problems associated with vehicle repair. Invisible, high frequency magnetic fields create flameless heat to quickly release corroded and bonded hardware, frozen nuts and bolts, O2 sensors, track rod ends, bearings, pulleys and other hardware that are rusted/thread-locked into place.

Faster and safer than naked flame torches
There's no longer any need to use Oxy-Acetylene flame heating to remove adhesives bonded to metal and seized hardware. As the heat is very localised, only the part becomes hot, not the tool, in seconds. And you can safely use the Mini-Ductor® Venom™ and Pro-Max products near gas bottles and other flammable substances.

Why purchasing Inductor® products will make your life easier:

  • Safety – the heating process does not use a dangerous naked flame and the flameless heat is very localised, so only the part becomes hot, not the tool.
  • Saves time – because the products heat the problem fast and not the area around it, labour can be reduced by as much as 75%, with productivity increased.
  • User-friendly – the products are very easy to use, with little training required.
  • Reliable – with a less than 1% return rate, the technology won’t let you down.
  • Energy efficient – less consumables used and the running costs are low.
  • Versatile – the range can be used in a number of different applications.
  • Insurance premiums  – research shows that insurance premiums for businesses using Oxyacetylene gas for burning are 30% higher than if this product is not used in the workplace.

Where the products can be used

The Mini-Ductor® Venom™ and Pro-Max are ideal for use in the automotive industry, including: crash and body repair shops, MOT and service engineers, larger purchasers with commercial fleets and roadside recovery companies.

The products are also suitable for use by industrial, engineering, construction and marine industries.

Why not ask for a demo or trial of the Mini-Ductor® Venom™ or Pro-Max flameless heating tools today?


The Inductor® products are CE marked and powerful

The user-friendly Mini-Ductor® Venom™ hand-held tool (with a full 1000watt output) and the Pro-Max 2kw trolley or work bench mounted inverter are CE marked, run off 230 volt power and come with a host of standard and optional accessories.

Find out more about the range of Mini-Ductor® accessories and Pro-Max accessories available.

If you’re looking for a more efficient heating option and want to improve safety, productivity and increase your profits, call 01953 859138 or email 

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