Door Skin Removal

Your guide for removing door skins without collateral damage to adjacent surfaces with the Inductor® Pro-Max Induction Heater & Flameless Torch

Here is a quick and easy method of door skin removal without the collateral damage that normally occurs to the bonded adjacent surfaces.

The Inductor U-211 Fast-Off Pad is used with the Inductor Pro-Max to release the bond of the metal bond adhesive. Typical removal of a door skin may require chisels and prying, which damages the adjacent surfaces that the door skin is bonded to.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Removing Door Skins

  1. Put on gloves – the panel will get hot and sharp metal edges will be exposed
  2. Prep door shell by removing interior parts and vapor barrier
  3. Grind the edge off the old door skin
  4. Attach the Fast-Off
  5. Set power control to “high” and step on the foot switch
  6. Hold the Fast Off pad on the outside of the door skin, working back and forth along one side until the heated panel begins to
  7. lift – you may need to place a putty knife in-between the panel and door frame to begin with
    Continue heating and lifting until you work all the way around
  8. Now heat the center of the outer panel along where the intrusion beam is – this will release the panel at this point, leaving the anti-flutter foam in place
  9. Flip the door frame over and remove the remains in a likewise fashion
  10. Begin prepping the door for new panel

Congratulations! You’ve just saved yourself a lot of time by not having to repair adjacent surfaces, as well as the cost of not having to replace anti-flutter foam or the vapor barrier.