Graphics Removal

A Quick Way to Remove Graphics on Any Vehicle Using the Mini-Ductor®Venom Induction Heater & Mini-Pad Accessory

The Mini-Pad is an optional heating attachment for the Mini-Ductor Venom induction heating tool. It allows technicians to remove vinyl graphics, decals, vapour barriers, sound pads, body trim and much more while leaving little to no adhesive behind. As a result, there is little need for toxic solvents and clean-up time is reduced or eliminated. This allows auto mechanics and body shops to save money and lessen the potential health and safety issues from using harmful solvents.

How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional heating methods, the Invisible Heat® created by induction heating is the cleanest and fastest way for removing objects bonded to sheet metal. The high-frequency magnetic fields pass through non-metallic objects, once these magnetic fields reach the metal surface they heat the metal only leaving the non-metallic parts cooler. The result is easy release and the adhesive stays with the cooler part.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Supplies Needed: heat resistant gloves, overalls and goggles.

Step 1: Attach the Mini-Pad to the Mini-Ductor Venom & Secure with Twist Lock™


Step 2: Wave the Mini-Pad Over the Graphic’s Edge

Step 3: Pull Back the Graphic Edge & Follow Outward Area Where Heat Is Applied


Step 4: Keep Mini-Pad in Motion to Avoid Over Heating