More Automotive Applications

Using the Mini-Ductor® Induction Heater & Flameless Torch

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Sensors

Induction heating is ideal for removing damaged ABS sensors. If you’re concerned with heating or burning the electronics and nearby plastic parts, the best practice is to disconnect electronics before using the Mini-Ductor.

Fuel Tank Strap Bolts

This is one of the more common applications for the Mini-Ductor. Fuel tank strap bolts get rusty because of their location under vehicles and exposure to weather, the elements and road salt, so the Mini-Ductor is the faster and safer for removing them than using open flame.

Gears & Pulleys

If you need to remove gears and pulleys off of a shaft because they’re pressed on or corroded, you can use the Mini-Ductor to heat up the hub of it to expand it and get it off.

Seat Belt Bolts

Nylon straps are heat sensitive so you can’t take a torch to remove seat belts, especially when they’re set with a threadlock compound, which are almost as strong as welds these days. Additionally, a lot of seat belts use torque fittings for better bite so, if you’re not careful, you can snap your torque bit trying to remove them. Because of both the threadlock compound and torque fittings, the Mini-Ductor is ideal for removing seat belt bolts. Just take a coil and slide it over the head of the bolt. The induction heat transfers down the threads and softens adhesives so it will spin right out.

Suspension Hardware

The Mini-Ductor is ideal for loosening up all suspension hardware, strut bolts, control arms, ball joints, tie rod ends (without burning the boots), etc.

Truck Bed Bolts

Removing truck bed bolts can be challenging, especially in Ford pickups because they’re set in with torque fittings (like seat belt bolts). Just heat under the truck right where the cage nut is. When it’s not accessible, heat the head of the bolt allowing the heat to transfer down the bolt – this may take several attempts.


If you want to save the hardware, the Mini-Ductor is ideal for removing U-bolts on exhaust pipes as an alternative to just torching the old ones off.


Similar to bedliner removal but just a different material, the Mini-Ductor is ideal for removing undercoatings and sound deadeners – especially when the undercoating is over sheet metal and you need to see where the panels are welded together. The Mini-Ductor is useful for removing both rubberized undercoating (will peel right off) as well as petroleum-based undercoating (more of a mess but will come right off).

Zerk Fittings

When you have to remove and replace zerk fittings, induction heat helps you avoid burning the rubber boots or overheating the grease within ball joints and on tie rod ends.

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