Many Motor Factors are familiar with the benefits of using the Mini-Ductor II + and new Mini-Ductor 110V, ideal for commercial automotive workshops. However, few are comfortable with demonstrating the tool to customers. To help, Professional Motor Factor magazine ran an article in its Nov/Dec 2014 issue, explaining the key benefits of the tool, letting readers know that straightforward step-by-step video guides are available and reminds Factors of its benefits.

Are you a Motor Factor? If so, did you know that is the US, dealers who demonstrate the product have a 50% ratio of cosing the sale within the first two weeks of demonstrating a tool to a new customer?! And another 30% of sales within a year of the demonstration when the customer ran into a situation that called for the tool.

Remember, if customers have not seen it work, they are less likely to place an order with you.

If you missed the article, you can read more here.

And, to see 6 new step by step videos, demonstrating key applications of the Mini-Ductor II +, see here