If you’ve struggled to remove windscreens in the past with traditional tools such as a glass knife, the job has become a lot easier thanks to innovative, new flameless induction heating technology.

We were asked by Repair and Refinish Review (RRR) magazine to tell their readers more about the Pro-Max® trolley or work bench mounted tool – a powerful 2 kilowatt, 230volt induction heater, which uses flameless heat to easily remove a variety of hardware and components. The product comes with a range of accessories, like the Glass Blaster®, which is ideal for quickly and cleanly removing bonded windscreen glass from the outside of a vehicle, without touching interior trim. You can read our step by step guide to easily removing windscreens and other glass in the September issue of RRR.

There’s no need for wires, knives or consumables with the Glass Blaster®. The flameless, Invisible Heat® releases the urethane in hard to reach areas (curves and deep pockets) of windscreens were other glass tools can’t go. And it will not damage the encapsulant (blackout masking) and its non-metallic tape protects the glass from scratches.

Readers will be pleased to hear that the product’s use can increase productivity and products as windscreens can be removed in less than 12 minutes. Because the Glass Blaster® leaves window structures intact, the windscreen can also be re used instead of disposed of. You can also watch a video on how to use the tool here.