“By using these products we’ve found we’re getting through fewer gas bottles, the removal process is quicker and as there’s no flame involved, so it’s a lot safer for my team to use these products. Previously we had to remove fuel tanks from the workplace, gas plants also require maintenance and insurance premiums are higher as the risk of accident is greater. Workshops can save themselves lots of time and money by switching to INDUCTOR® flameless heating products.”

Bernard Robertson

BR Cartronics

“The Mini-Ductor® applies heating to the part only, in a professional, controlled manner, meaning that mechanics no longer need a torch to remove parts.The main issue with using a torch is the consequential fire risk – plastics, wiring, trim etc. around the part to be removed can catch fire, causing not only costly damage, but a severe fire risk with Oxy-Acetylene gas bottles standing nearby!”

“In addition, safety goggles used for torch heating reduce visibility by up to 25%, so the mechanic may not realise that the area around the part, such as wiring, may have been set alight. Replacing wiring can be very expensive and time consuming, plus if the damage goes unnoticed, it could potentially put the driver of the car at risk too. The Mini-Ductor® should be the professional mechanics tool of choice.”

Rob Hawker

Product Dvelopment Manager, Sykes Pickavant

“This is a great tool that ticks both functionality and safety boxes for the technician. It could well become a ‘must have’ product for most workshops!”

Peter Xerri

PX Motors in Watford