We recently wrote an article for Commercial Vehicle Workshop magazine who were looking for details on new products that improve health and safety in commercial vehicle workshops. The number one concern in any workshop these days is health and safety. Unfortunately, many workshops rely on naked flame heating, using Oxy-Acetylene gas, to release seized, rusted and thread locked compounds. With an increased risk of fire and explosions and the likelihood of costly damage to surrounding components, plus high costs associated with gas bottle hire and insurance premiums for premises that use Oxy-Acetylene, we felt this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of using the INDUCTOR® product range.

Our article explains the benefits of induction heating, provides details on the INDUCTOR® tool range and reassures workshop owners that they can invest in safety for a smooth, efficient and profitable workshop. For a demonstration of our products, or for more information, please call us on 01953 859138 or email info@theinductor.co.uk