Induction heating, a process used in various industries for efficiency and precision, utilises coil kits to generate the necessary heat. While regular coil kits are familiar to many, speciality coil packs, like those offered by Induction Innovations, play a crucial role in specific applications. Whether for high-performance vehicles, industrial machinery, marine applications, or other specific uses, speciality coil packs can deliver a level of precision and durability that’s unmatched. Let’s look at speciality coil packs and the difference between regular kits.

Speciality Coil Packs
Induction Innovations’ line of speciality coil packs caters to particular requirements. Engineered to provide enhanced energy, better combustion control, and improved performance while reducing emissions. These are not only an upgrade in functionality but offer greater technology and performance in highly specific situations. We’ll look at two speciality coil packs from Induction Innovations that will make efficient and clean work of the most challenging job.

MD99-643 Bearing Buddy Pack
This pack comprises three essential components: MD99-603, MD99-XBB96, and MD99-612. It’s designed to work efficiently with O2 sensors and larger applications. Like its name, the Bearing Buddy is designed to heat the bearing and allow it to be released from the race. The versatility of this pack makes it suitable for tasks that require a more tailored approach, especially in automotive applications where precision is critical. Additionally, it is perfect for use with larger applications or things a pre-formed work coil can’t handle. A heat-resistant mat is included and aids in the extension of the Bearing Buddy coil’s life. This speciality coil pack comes in a compact storage tube.

MD99-644 Thin Wall Coil Kit
This kit is an innovation in the area of induction heating. It includes four of the most popular-sized pre-formed coil kits that have been rolled out and flattened, specifically engineered to access tight and recessed areas like lug wells. Users can release corroded recessed lug nuts quickly. It’s available in four sizes, 3/4″, 13/16″, 7/8″, and 1″, catering to a range of requirements to ensure that even the most challenging spaces are reachable. Flexible and long-lasting, the MD99-644 Thin Wall Coil Pack is precision and safety at its most reliable.

Regular Coil Kits
Regular coil kits remain essential in auto body shops and other environments. As the coils are the only consumable part of the induction heater. They have universal functionality and are affordable. Regular coil kits are more generalised in their design and application use. They are typically used for standard induction heating tasks where a specific shape or size is not as critical. These kits are great for uniform or repetitive tasks.

Comparison and Applications of Regular Coil Kits & Speciality Coil Packs
Regular coil kits and speciality coil packs have their purpose and place in auto body shops, marine and boat repair, and other industries. Speciality coil packs move out of generalised use and cater to highly particular requirements.

Flexibility and Precision
Speciality packs, like the Bearing Buddy Pack and Thin Wall Coil Kit, offer greater flexibility and precision. They are indispensable for tasks where a pre-formed work coil cannot reach or fit.

Larger Applications
Speciality coil packs can also be applied to more significant tasks, showcasing their versatility beyond tight spaces.

While speciality packs might come at a higher cost due to their specific design and components, they provide incredible value in applications where regular kits fall short.

Regular coil kits are user-friendly and suitable for a wide range of standard applications, making them a staple in many workshops. Our speciality packs are indispensable in work and auto body shops, especially where a high degree of flexibility is needed. Induction Innovation tools are easy to use, and highly reliable.

Induction Innovations
Both speciality coil packs and regular coil kits have their unique place in your shop. Having a clear understanding of Induction Innovations speciality coil packs will ensure the right tool is used for the right job. Experience greater efficiency, speed and reliability in automotive and industrial projects with our selection of innovative product line. If you have questions on any of our kits and products, get in touch with us via phone, email.